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4 facts that you didn’t know about the weed in Israel and its recent decriminalization

Yesterday, like out of the blue, the good news appeared in the media around the world: Israel decriminalizes the use of cannabis.

For the past four years, many states, especially in the West, are beginning to decriminalize cannabis use, or supporting the medicinal and therapeutic use of cannabis. Israel, although it has not legalized cannabis, has in its history some of the most interesting anecdotes and curiosities about the world of cannabis.

The “father” of THC
THC, the psychoactive chemical component in marijuana that causes a high, was first isolated by Israeli scientists Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem’s Center for Research on Pain and Yechiel Gaoni of the Weizmann Institute in 1964.

They were pioneers in medical use…
Marijuana for medical use has been permitted in Israel since the early 1990s for cancer patients and those with pain-related illnesses such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, other chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder. Patients can smoke the drug, ingest it in liquid form, or apply it to the skin as a balm.

And also pioneers in CBD!
The Tikkun Olam Company has developed a variety of marijuana that is reported to provide the medical benefits of cannabis, but without THC. The cannabis instead contains high quantities of CBD, a substance that is believed to be an anti-inflammatory ingredient, which helps alleviate pain.

They care about their soldiers
In 2004, the Israeli military began using THC, the active ingredient in cannabis for experimental treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder of soldiers

And now they decriminalized the use of cannabis. Congratulations Israel!

What consequences can this have in the future?
Obviously marijuana is not yet legalized worldwide, (except Uruguay) but the winds that blow on this side, look very positive and exciting. Hopefully, Israel and other countries will continue to move towards full legalization of marijuana, starting by completely decriminalizing the cultivation and possession of plants, and even cannabis seeds like those you can obtain in our online store.



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