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The 420 Games Prove Not All Cannabis Users Are Lazy Stoners

We all know the hack stereotype of the weed smoker: A dude seconds away from his last bong hit, glued to the couch watching television. But years have passed and it’s time to reimagine the pot user.

Thus, the misconception of cannabis came up with a good business opportunity. And that’s how the 420 Games were born…

The 420 Games are a series of different races, sports and activities like runs, golf tournaments and stand-up paddleboarding that are generally 4.20 miles long with an aim to challenge the public’s perception of cannabis users as lazy couch potatoes lacking motivation. Even as legal barriers to marijuana use continue to fall, stigma surrounding its use remain pervasive, according to the Games’ website.

While the name indicates a close relationship to cannabis—with 420 long being the calling card for a smoking session and now an international holiday on April 20— his founder, Jim McAlpine, doesn’t encourage smoking at the events and cautions participants on the official website:

If you choose to use marijuana before, during or after our events, please make sure to do so discretely, legally and respectfully.

A typical 420 Games event includes breakfast, a commemorative t-shirt, race entry, a two-hour post-race beer garden courtesy of Lagunitas (a major sponsor of the 420 Games), followed by a concert often headlined by nationally recognized bands, all for between $40 and $60. All events are designed to accommodate beginning to advanced level athletes.

Organizers say the public demanded that these games happen, flooding the Facebook page after last year’s trial run in San Francisco. And lest you think that this is just some lame excuse to fire up before a jog, their offer this disclaimer:

The 420 Games does not advocate that everyone should use cannabis. We are focused on teaching those who choose to do so how to be healthy and responsible. We are also focused on education and prevention for those who should not use cannabis, most importantly minors. We do not endorse the illegal or irresponsible use of cannabis.

The 420 Games will donate a portion of its proceeds to education and youth prevention programs.

So, if you believe Marijuana Is Not A Crime and want to help change public opinion of cannabis then this is the event series for you!



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