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Top 7 Best Things To Do When You’re High

We all know that cannabis makes everything better. But If you’ve ever felt in need of some ideas for maximizing your high, this list is what you were looking for.

Here you will find some ideas to satisfy all the aspects of being high, from the munchies to pleasing the five senses.

#1. Do nothing

do nothing

Yes, it’s odd for a top 7 list of “things to do” to start with „do nothing“, but seriously – this is an art by itself. Observe your mind, take and deep breath and simply relax into the flow of the moment.

You’re alive, and you’re stoned.

#2. Listen to music

cannabis music

Okay, so this one is completely obvious and unoriginal.

Everybody knows any kind of music sounds better when you’re stoned, so of course this act deserves a spot on the list.

What most people do not realize is that, when you’re stoned, you’re more musically adept! Oh, you already knew that? Well, then get off your ass and be more productive with your knowledge, you lazy stoner!

#3. Watch a movie

cannabis movie

Just like cannabis can help you lose yourself in music, it can also help you to immerse yourself in a movie.

So much so that you forget who your are, and where you are, and are just completely carried away by the story, the characters, the drama…

#4. Spend a whole day in nature

cannabis nature

Exploring mother nature at night or day will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Nature is quite a trip without weed, but when you’re in the clouds enjoying a serene lake or strolling through a sunny forest is like being in a fairy tale. Also, riding a bike is the thing that comes closest to flying.

#5. Go for a swim

cannabis swim

Next time you’re baked, cool off with a dip in the pool or the lake, heck even take a cold shower if you want.

The water will definitely feel the best it’s ever felt for you in your state of high. The feel of the water on your skin, the sensation of floating, being weightless… simply awesome.

#6. Have sex

sex cannabis2

Sex is great. Sex is wondrous. And it gets even better when you’re high.

Weed sensitizes the whole body, bringing greater joy to every touch. Stimulation tends to be more intense, time goes by slower and orgasming sends you off the cliff. Make sure your partner is high as well, so you’re in complete resonance.

#7. Eat at a buffet

cannabis buffet

Finally, the most well-known effect of marijuana can be satisfied. The munchies are possibly our favorite part about Mary Jane.

Think of your favorite kind of food and research if there are any buffets that offer it. This final act is one we invite you to fully engorge yourself. Go for it!



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