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Cannabis Master Chef: How to easily make a marijuana milk


Using marijuana milk is an easy way to get stoned while eating cereal, Mac & Cheese, or maybe while you’re just keeping your bones strong. Whatever the case may be, milk can be better by adding a little bit of bud to it.

Many recipes include milk as one of the main ingredients because it contains fat and can be infused with THC just like butter and olive oil.

Cannabis milk is one of the easiest cannabis recipes to make, and can offer a discreet and tasty way to get high.

What you’ll need:

– Medium sauce pan
– Whisk or mixing spoon
– Cheese cloth
– Grinder/blender
– 1 cup of whole milk
– 1 g of Cannabis*

** Important: this amount will vary based on the potency of your bud and if you’re using flowers or leaves, in the first case an initial dosage of 0.5 g is recommended (it will be more than enough). Cannamilk tends to fall on the strong side, so it may behoove you to start with less and increase your next batch if you need more.

Step 1

Use your grinder or blender to grind up your cannabis as finely as possible – the finer it is, the larger its surface area will be.

The larger the surface area, the more efficiently cannabinoids can be extracted.

Step 2

Put the milk in a pan and heat it up until it is simmering.

Step 3

When it begins to bubble slightly, lower the heat and slowly stir in the cannabis. Remember to stir it and be careful because milk can overflow a pot if there’s too much heat.

You want it to be hot enough to put off a good steady steam, but not reach a boil. Higher heat does not lead to more potent cannamilk, just to ruined milk and wasted weed.

After you’re pretty certain that your cannamilk is properly heating, just let it cook! At a minimum, allow at least 30 minutes of steeping time. On the maximum end, we would say no longer than about 1 hour. At some point, there is no more THC that will come out of the cannabis and you’re just cooking plant matter beyond its useful range.

Step 4

After an hour has passed, strain the milk through cheese cloth after allowing it to cool. Make sure it’s strained well. No one likes cannabis sediment in their milk, right?

Step 5

Cool it in the fridge and use to your heart’s desire!

Remember the date that your milk expires too. Use before the sell by date on the milk used.Wasting cannabis milk is no good!

Drink and enjoy!

Again, cannamilk tends to be on the rather strong side, so start small!

Note: If you want to store leftovers, or use it later, make sure you keep it in the fridge and be sure to shake it real well before drinking.

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