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The cannabis diet: study finds marijuana may help weight loss

cannabis diet

What finally would be the solution for obesity? Physical activity programmes? Cutting out sugar-sweetened beverages? Reducing portion sizes? Or maybe a major surgery?

A recent study published in the journal Endocrinology suggests the weight loss key is hidden in a very special ingredient you never imagined before…

Apparently, a mixture of vitamin A and cannabis constituents holds promise as the next solution for obesity. Yes, cannabis!

It may sound a little bit ironic to those easily afflicted by the munchies, but is a scientifically proven fact. Deal with it!

The results of the study show, for the first time, that particular compounds in cannabis and vitamin A can work together to reduce the deposit of lipids. The synergy between the two systems is the success key indeed.

“This finding opens up exciting opportunities to potentially treat obesity without the need for invasive surgery.”, said the researcher Dr. Yann Gilbert.

Researchers also note that this approach leaves the brain free of cannabis’ effects when administered in low doses.

You must be thinking: “Ok, perfect. But when can I try this magical pill?”

Here’s the good new:

If all goes well, the study authors predict this cannabis-based medicine will be developed and ready for human use in the next five years.

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