Our new strains for 2015, Hay-Z and Auto Cheese NL

We are very happy to introduce you 2 new strains in our 2015 catalog. The first strains is called Hay-Z, is a sativa that complete our range. Its mature aroma is a combination of spicy floral and slightly fruity haze, but is somehow more dry than the Carnival and the Ultra White Amnesia. It can generate very big plants in outdoor if grown for the full season, in indoor is possible to limit its size, either reducing to minimum the vegetation period, or pruning them and bend appropriately on a reticulate. Overall a great producer, and the quality is the best that a sativa lover can desire.

But the news are not finished. We have a second new strain in our catalog. In our range of autoflowering seeds, we missed some aroma. Something natural and down to earth. We have crossed an Auto Cheese with an Auto Northern Lights and here it is our Auto Cheese NL. This cross offers the stable, strong and full of vigour structure of the Auto Northern Lights to develop the particular cheese aroma. The Auto Cheese sweetens up the strong earthy aroma of the Northern Lights. Perfect combination, each plant gives an abundant harvest. If you like the Cheese you will love to get perfect Cheese buds in just a few days over 2 months.

At the same time we will not produce anymore 2 strains, Crystal Cloud and Auto Mary Jane. We have still a little stock of them produced last summer and with perfect germination, so if you like them, hurry up!

All the other strains are already available in our shops and through our authorised resellers.



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