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The right strains for this end of the spring

Many customers and cannabis lovers are writing in these days to ask about what is the right strain to use when you are “getting a little late”, so when you germinate the seeds around june 15th if you are in the northern hemisphere. First choice for all is one or more of our autoflowering strains. We can never repeat enough that the period between june and august is the best one to grow any kind of autoflowering outdoor, given the maximum exposure to the light (both and length and intensity): this maximise the harvest in quality and quantity.

If you are still not convinced about the auto flowerings or simply you wanna choose another strain, those who can get you the best results in this period are Ultra White Amnesia and  Carnival between the sativas and Big Bud and Zensation as indicas.

Happy summer and safe guerrilla growing to everybody ­čśë



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