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Spannabis 2013 Utrecht canceled

We have received yesterday a bad news from the staff of Feria del Cañamo SL, the organization of the Spannabis fairs. They have decided, after a long discussion with the Dutch authorities, to cancel the fist edition of the Spannabis 2013 Utrecht, that should have been held in april in the famous expo center Jaarbeurs. The organization has outlined how the many and strong restrictions imposed by the authorities would have created an event with so many limitations for the exhibitors of the growing categories (so, included us) that it was smarter to cancel everything and to concentrate to the 3 fairs in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga). As Dutch company, we really don’t understand this continuos interfering from the government in a sector that move a lot of money, create a lot of jobs in The Netherlands and abroad, and generate millions and millions of taxes. We are very disappointed, not only as economic operator of this market, but as citizens as well.

It is too easy to stay there and count the money of our taxes. Or you, government, already forgot that just 3 months ago you HAD to delete the plan to close the coffeshops, because you was afraid to loose the money of the taxes and the millions of tourists that every years visit our country ALSO to smoke a joint in holy peace?



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