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The perfect moment to start to grow outdoor

The end of may is maybe the best moment for starting an outdoor growing. The cold whether and the frost are just a memory in most of the countries. Further, there is light enough, and the days are long enough to avoid a premature spring flowering.

This is a fantastic period to grow, and it is the best for the autoflowering: in outdoor the quantity and quality of the harvest is greatly influenced by the amount of light received, expressed both as number of hours of sunlight per day and intensity of the light itself. Starting now will insure that the plant will flower during the months of june and july. In this way the seeds can develop the 100% of their potential.

The normal strains instead, have more than enough time (about 2 full months) to develop a large and robust structure able to sustain the weight of hundreds of grams of buds, in some cases, like the Big Bud XXL up to 1 kg. If you desire plants that are more low and compact, you can wait another few weeks: in this way, given that all the normal strains will flower in the begin of august, they will have less time to grow.

If you leave in a “cold” place, we suggest you the Early XXX. If you leave in the continental Europe, or in a mountain area, an indica will be the one for you (Kandahar, Big Bud XXL, Northern Lights) or  a Nepalese Dragon. If you live in a temperate-warm climate, you can grow basically all our strains, included the sativa’s.

If you need a suggestion, just describe your situation and the staff will be more than happy to give you our opinion.



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