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Angelmatic, Carnival and Kandahar in the Ed Rosenthal’s Big Book of Buds 4

We are proud to announce that 3 of our strains, Angelmatic, Carnival and Kandahar have been selected by Ed Rosenthal and inserted in the new canna-bible The Big Book of Buds 4. Published every 2-3 years by the most famous Californian cannabis expert, Ed Rosenthal, the book is an updated panoramic view of the best cannabis strains of the planet, reviewed personally by Ed and his staff, one by one. All the 3 of our strains have 2 pages dedicated, with extra beautiful pics. Wanna know more and maybe buy the book? We expect that in a few days the book will be worldwide available. But this news makes us very happy, so we could not wait to share it with you all 🙂



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