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Cannabis, the best antibiotic on the planet

Cannabis, the best antibiotic on the planet

Our beloved, our adorable cannabis plant never stops to surprise us. An english italian study, just published,  shows that cannabinoids kill even the most resistent staphylococcus. Every year, these staphylococcus kill more than 18.000 people in the hospitals  of the whole world and they are resistent to the antibiotics. In particular, the study, started in 2005 and lasted 3 years, has shown how THC, CBD, CBG, CBC and  CBN are incredibly efficient against EMERSA-15 and EMERSA-16, two of the most dangerous staphylococcus. This reaearch was a menage a trois between the Cra-Cin of Rovigo,that grew the plants, The University of Piemonte Orientale of Novara and the School of Pharmacy of London. It is extra ordinary that a plant can have so many beneficial uses.  Staphylococcus today kill more than AIDS. Now we have an efficient weapon to stop it. Let’s hope that for once, they allow to use it.



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