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New autoflowering strain is gonna be released soon

Ministry of Cannabis is happy to announce that at the end of this june 2008 we are gonna release a new strain, in its regular version. The strain will be an autoflowering one. These new generation genetics allow people with little or no space to grow their own plants. In particular, this strain works indipendently from the ours of light that it receive. After less than 3 weeks from germination, each plant will automatically start to flower, so that the whole cycle, from seed to buds, will be completed in about 2 months. The final height of the plant will be a few tens of centimeters. Further, it won’t be necessary to change the number of hours of light per  day, it is possible to give 18-20 hours of light till the day of the harvest. The price will be extremely cheap as usual, and these seeds will be sold in a package of 10 seeds. The only question mark is the name, we have a few names in mind and maybe we will let you choose through a poll. Visit our website regularly to stay updated about this new,  exciting class of seeds.



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