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Cannabidiol can stop cancer?

Cannabidiol can stop cancer?

A new research of the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute seems to suggest that the cannabodiol, a substance contained in the cannabis plant, can stops the diffusion of the metastatis of the breast’s cancer, amd perhaps, the diffusion of cancer in general. According to this research, in the future the cannabodiol could be a valid alternative for the chemio, that is full of bad side effects. Cannabidiol is not toxic, and it’s not a drug, so it’s really safe to use it for medical purposes. The tests phase has just started so both Sean McCallister, head of the research team, and Joanna Owens, Cancer Research Institute of London, recommend to wait the results of further reaearch. Dr. Owens adds that is not at all infrequent that a medicine against cancer comes from a plant, like the Madagascar Periwinkle that is used to cure long cancer.



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