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Dutch government wants cannabis registered as medicine

Dutch government wants cannabis registered as medicine

A few days ago, the Dutch government has announced its decision to extend the cannabis’s availability in pharmacies by five years, so more scientific research will be possible. The sale of cannabis specifically as medicine is legal and managed by the governmet since 2003. The Ministry of Health control the production and the quality through a specifically created agency. Sources inside the ministry say that a Dutch company started working on developing a cannabis-based drug last year. Cannabis has at least 5000 years of use as medicine; it was used in China as herbal medicine. More recently, british queen Victoria used cannabis tincture for menstrual pains. Even the international treaties (Single Convention on Narcotics, New York, 1961 and its modifications) expressly authorize and promote the use of cannabis as medicine (and according to the treaties, this is the only use allowed).



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