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Cannabis cafe could reopen in West Sussex

The West Sussex Police is afraid that a cannabis cafè that has been raided already twice could reopen soon. The building is fortified and already during the last two raids (the last one was in the biginning of october) have already used a tractor. Now the barricades has ben reinforced. New reinforcements included razor wire and electric currents. The matter is, the police has suspects and is not certain that the building is used to smoke cannabis, and the reinforcements make everything more difficult. It’s a kind of a game. This is an example of the ridiculous results lead to us by the prohibitionism, a group of man in a “military style” building, a lot of cops outside, paid with public money and why? Bacause these men have decided to smoke the flowers  of a plant? For all the people that pay taxes in UK: happy with news like this one?



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