Back from Madrid: Expocannabis 2009

We are back from Madrid. It took a few days to take control again, but all the orders have been shipped out regularly. The fair was simply fantastic, the location was an indoor multifunction center with moveable roof. Now normally in october november it is cold and rainy in Madrid too, but this year the sky was blu and the temperature was 26 degrees during all the 3 days of fairs. The roof was opened, the smoke was flying high, the air was crystal clear. Spain gave us a warm welcome, we wanna thank all the persons that come to our stand in those days, our spanish hostesses Iara and Lucia, and then we wanna greet Gennaro and Sabrina, Ernesto and Adele, Thomas and Gary, Matt, Moises, Esteban and Matt, Jorge that maybe did found the hotel, our neighbors Malabares Ros, Priscilla, Jonkar, Jim, Miguel, Laura Daniel and many many others. And thanks to the organization, Elena, Belen, Carlos for the great fair and the support in the moments of need! Next fair for us will be the Spannabis in Barcelona, end of february 2010.

Michael Phelps and the infinite hypocrisy of the prohibition

Everybody in this world knows and admires Michael Phelps, the big man that with a youth of training and sacrifices and eating something like 12.000 calories a day has become one of the greatest champions ever, if not the greatest one.  Now Michael is a normal guy, so normal that, after a so intense 2008, has done what we all do everyday: to inhale the beneficial steam of some weed. He used a Roor bong,  ok, while we prefer the Volcano vaporizer and many of you simply use a joint. It is positively accepted that the marijuana consumption couldn’t give any advantage to Michael. We can also discuss forever about where the borders of the privacy must be traced for famous people (especially young heroes, like in this case). The truth is, the prohibition shows once again its stupid face. So boycott all the former sponsors that have broken a contract with the guy (especially the cereal brand) and all our comprehension to the big man. Michael Phelps, one of us.

Guy try to pay a Big Mac with Marijuana

A guy in Vero Beach, Florida, have been arrested by the local sheriff. The shariff was called by a McDonald’s cashier, that have just received a weird proposal, to get weed instead of cash for an hamburger. The guy was released and fined 500 dollars. We don’t know if at the end he got his meal or not.

Cannabis, the best antibiotic on the planet

Our beloved, our adorable cannabis plant never stops to surprise us. An english italian study, just published,  shows that cannabinoids kill even the most resistent staphylococcus. Every year, these staphylococcus kill more than 18.000 people in the hospitals  of the whole world and they are resistent to the antibiotics. In particular, the study, started in 2005 and lasted 3 years, has shown how THC, CBD, CBG, CBC and  CBN are incredibly efficient against EMERSA-15 and EMERSA-16, two of the most dangerous staphylococcus. This reaearch was a menage a trois between the Cra-Cin of Rovigo,that grew the plants, The University of Piemonte Orientale of Novara and the School of Pharmacy of London. It is extra ordinary that a plant can have so many beneficial uses.  Staphylococcus today kill more than AIDS. Now we have an efficient weapon to stop it. Let’s hope that for once, they allow to use it.

Netherlands: marijuana ok, but only pure

In a few days, next july 1st, the dutch law will be aligned to European Union regulation about tobacco. This mean end of the smoking in bars, clubs, restaurants and every other place opened to the public,even the traditional dutch “eetcafè” that are tipycal dutch bar when you can also eat a bread or a salad. Many people have written to us to ask what will it happen to the coffeshops, if the new ban will apply to coffeshops too. In short: no. In practical it will mean a drastical change of the habits of many people. The joint will be allowed, yes. But only pure. The purpose of the ban is to protect the workers from the conseguences of the passive tobacco smoke. And that’s it. Ab Klink, health minister, that mixing tobacco with soft drugs in coffee shops (where cannabis products can be bought over the counter) will not be permitted from July 1. Staff in these coffee shops have the same right as workers in other cafes to a tobacco-free working environment, said Klink.

Cannabis Tipo Forte 2008

The 4th edition of the fair Cannabis Tipo Forte will be held in Bologna, Italy, from tomorrow, 30 may, till next sunday, 1 june. The location is the same than the last 3 years,  the Palanord, with almost 10.000 sq. mt. of space for the exibition. The calendar of events is particularly rich this year, with a seed cup, a video area and many debates, most of them about medical cannabis. While we won’t be present with a booth, we will be widely rapresented by our new italian distributor Semitalia, and by our resellers Campo  di Canapa and Hemporium. By the booths of these companies will be possible to buy our seeds and ask detailed information about our genetics. For all the italian cannabis lovers, and for all those that are in Italy at this moment, this is event that you can’t miss.

The Oaksterdam University

The Oaksterdam University has celebrated this week its first 160 graduates in “Agricultural science of the cultivation of the marijuana”. The deus-ex-machina  of this operation is Richard Lee, formerly a pusher in the Oakland area, that took inspiration from similar project that exist in Amsterdam. Thanks to the proposition 215, in California is possible to grow cannabis if the purpose is to produce medical marijuana and Lee has open his school to give the right technical  and egal knowledge. Different counties regulates the matter in different ways, so each city has a maximum number of plant per person, per cooperative or per company. Lee university teachs not only to grow marijuana at the higher level, but also to deal with the law in the correct way. As a law’s teachers they have hired Chris Conrad and Laurence Lichter. Lee is preparing to open another school in L.A. The full course costs 200 USD, 125 euro. This is their internet address if you want to know more:

Brainwashers at work

Today we read another news of the kind that pisses us off enormously, and it shows how the brainwashers of the whole world are alive and kicking. The news is: one joint is dangerous for the health like one packet of cigarettes, yes, you’ve read right, so one joint is 20x dangerous than tobacco. Do this experiment: inhalate one hit of a cigarette, and exhale the smoke through a white tissue. Repeat the experiment with a new white tissue, but this time take a hit of a joint. Now, what is more dangerous? Anotherthing: is there anybody out there that can eplain to us why the jamaican people, famous cannabis smokers, die for cirrosis rather than lung cancer? Result: there are millions of people that are trying to brainwash us in every way. Keeping the brain connected can help against them, but you can also do something to give to the tabacco industry less money, so also less money to pay these “experts” to say these bullshits: STOP TO SMOKE TOBACCO!

Marijuana vending machines open in California

A few weeks ago,the first marijuana vending machine opened in L.A. These machines supply marijuana to people who are prescribed marijuana for health reasons. First the patience need to get a prescription from a doctor; then the patience is fingeprinted; then a prepaid card is issued, that also contains information about the dosage and type of drug prescribed. Once a patience has a card, whenever he need a new supply, he can access the Anytime Vending Machines. The first one of this machines was positioned at the Herbal Nutrition Centre in Los Angeles. There are strict security measures to avoid that someone else can pickup the presciption, included a live fingerprint scan.

A-grade professor

A professor of the professional institute Marco Polo of Florence, Italy, is in trouble for an amateur video that is finished on Youtube. In the video (that you can see here) the professor smoke a big handmade sigarette. Further, the girl that is shooting the video with her mobile phone is saying “even a joint now…if somebody enter now they arrest you”. No doubt that the prof has received the help of all its student: now that the prof is suspended and under accuse, all of them have answered that it was not a joint. We haven’t had any doubt.

Under the bridge

The creativity of the nederlanders is second to none, and this news confirm it 100%. A few days ago, two employees of the energy company, have found an illegal cable stealing 10000 v electricity. Following the cable, the police have found that the whole inside of a bridge, the Prins Willem Alexanderbrug, long about 1 km, was prepared as a giant growroom. The bridge is located  between Echteld and Beneden-Leeuwen, in the province of Gelderland. Such a growroom was able to generate, according to the experts, a minimum of 1 million euro per harvest. However it seems that the operation was discovered even before that the production could start.

Mumbai gets high

There are many people coming from the mountain area of Kashmir that every day reach Mumbai with cannabis cultivated in their backyard. The big city represents a fast way to get money out of it. Even the police is aware of it, as an officer says that they have filed three to four cases against Kashmiris this year. 6 months ago, a man has been catched with 21 kg of hashish. Some other man, a repeated offender risks even the death sentence. According to the official UN records, cannabis herb seizures made in Asia account for 5 % of the world total. And in the meantime, Mumbai gets high.