Cannafest 2012 Prague: another great success

We are just back from Prague, for the 3rd edition of the Cannafest. The fair has been fantastic this year, even more visitors than before, probably close to 25.000 people in the weekend. It has probably been the most popular cannabis event of the world! For us, a lot of interest for our seeds, including the new 4 strains that we will introduce soon, and a lot of fun. A big thank you to our beautiful hostesses, Barbora, Pavla and Misa. And of course, to all the people that greeted us at our stand during the 3 days. See you next year Prague! Stay beautiful, funny and classy like now!

Ministry of Cannabis HD: available on the Itunes Apps Store

We are prud to be the first seedbank on the planet to have its own app, available on the Apple Itunes Apps Store for immediate download. Our app, developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod, contains 3 different utilities: a lunar calendar, that will help you to determine in an easy way if a certain day is a good day or not to germinate the cannabis seeds. The second one is a strain library, that give an the info about all our strains, with descriptions, technical data and pics. The last utility is a plant finder, that uses the maps to keep in memory the position of your guerrilla growing and allow to find it back easily. You can download immediately our app from:

It is, of course, free. We wish you a lot of fun and we hope to receive soon your feedbacks.


Just back from Barcelona, what a nice fair guys! All the most important companies of our industry were there. The hot spanish people and the perfect organization made this fair once again the central event for the cannabis world. Especially saturday, it was impossible to move and we didn’t leave our stand for 9 hours on a row. Thanks to our girls Ester, Maribel and Salome, and of course, to all the people that visited us during these 3 days.

Ready for the Spannabis 2012

We have just finished to pack all of our stand material and we are ready to ship it Barcelona. We give you appointment already since now for next friday, 24 february, at the Fira de Cornella, for the IX edition of the Spannabis, the most important fair of the cannabis in the world. Our stand is the number 27, just in front of the entrance (on the right side). Come to say hi!

Expocannabis 2011

This weekend we will be at the Expocannabis 2001 in Leganes, Madrid – Spain, from friday 30 september (opening time 11.00 am) till sunday 2 october (closing time 20.00). We wait for you all at the stand nr. 4. If you are in the neighborhood of  Madrid this weekend, you can’t miss!

Expocannabis 2011

We are happy to announce that we will be present with our booth @ the Expocannabis 2011. This fair, arrived to its 7th edition, is a classical meeting for the industry and all the cannabis lovers, spanish and not. We invite you till now to visit us at the booth nr. 4 at La Cubierta de Leganes, Madrid, the 30 september  and 1-2 october.

Cannafest 2010 in Praha: a great success

Guys the fair has been very beautiful. The location was great, just outside the center of the city. Over 15.000 people during the weekend have visited our stand. We have posted some video and pics on our FB profile. We had great fun too ;-) We wanna thank mr Lukas Behal and his crew for having made the fair so nice, professional and still with great vibes;  Monika that forwarded all our material in a very smooth way;  Karol and Tania, our beautiful hostesses that took care of every translations. Our italian friends Gennaro and Andrea for their support; our czech friends Mike and Radek for their hospitality and kindness; all the people that we have met in the business lounge and each one of those that stopped in our booth. Thanks guys and we see you all next year in Praha.

Megan Fox: the sexiest marijuana smoker on the planet

Since long time we are using this blog only for services news, about our shop, our products, the fair that we attend etc. It wasn’t always like this, so we wanna go back to the past, starting with speaking about one of the most beautiful girls on the planet: Megan Fox. The 24 years old american actress, famous, between the other, for her role in Transformers, have many time admitted that she doesn’t dislike a good joint. Rarely a so famous beauty has admitted her “secret” so openly. And she added that, if one day marijuana would be legal, she would be the first one in line to buy a packet of joints. She would be the perfect testimonial of the Ministry of Cannabis, guys, wouldn’t she?

Spannabis 2010

After a long wait, it is arrived. The biggest cannabis fair of the planet will be held in Barcelona next weekend, 26-27-28 february 2010. The location will be the Fira de Cornella in Llobregat. Over 20.000 people are expected to visit the almost 150 exhibitors. Ministry of Cannabis is one of the sponsors of the event. We will be there at stand number 53, close to the entrance. We invite you till now to visit us for a nice chat with our staff. We will be able to speak spanish, catalan, english, dutch and italian.A few note for all our customers. We will NOT ship thursday 26, friday 26 and monday 1 march. We will take care of everything, order, emails etc tuesday 2 march. Please do not send multiple orders or multiple emails with the same subject. Thanks for your attention, and see you all in Barcelona :-)

Back from Madrid: Expocannabis 2009

We are back from Madrid. It took a few days to take control again, but all the orders have been shipped out regularly. The fair was simply fantastic, the location was an indoor multifunction center with moveable roof. Now normally in october november it is cold and rainy in Madrid too, but this year the sky was blu and the temperature was 26 degrees during all the 3 days of fairs. The roof was opened, the smoke was flying high, the air was crystal clear. Spain gave us a warm welcome, we wanna thank all the persons that come to our stand in those days, our spanish hostesses Iara and Lucia, and then we wanna greet Gennaro and Sabrina, Ernesto and Adele, Thomas and Gary, Matt, Moises, Esteban and Matt, Jorge that maybe did found the hotel, our neighbors Malabares Ros, Priscilla, Jonkar, Jim, Miguel, Laura Daniel and many many others. And thanks to the organization, Elena, Belen, Carlos for the great fair and the support in the moments of need! Next fair for us will be the Spannabis in Barcelona, end of february 2010.

Michael Phelps and the infinite hypocrisy of the prohibition

Everybody in this world knows and admires Michael Phelps, the big man that with a youth of training and sacrifices and eating something like 12.000 calories a day has become one of the greatest champions ever, if not the greatest one.  Now Michael is a normal guy, so normal that, after a so intense 2008, has done what we all do everyday: to inhale the beneficial steam of some weed. He used a Roor bong,  ok, while we prefer the Volcano vaporizer and many of you simply use a joint. It is positively accepted that the marijuana consumption couldn’t give any advantage to Michael. We can also discuss forever about where the borders of the privacy must be traced for famous people (especially young heroes, like in this case). The truth is, the prohibition shows once again its stupid face. So boycott all the former sponsors that have broken a contract with the guy (especially the cereal brand) and all our comprehension to the big man. Michael Phelps, one of us.

Guy try to pay a Big Mac with Marijuana

A guy in Vero Beach, Florida, have been arrested by the local sheriff. The shariff was called by a McDonald’s cashier, that have just received a weird proposal, to get weed instead of cash for an hamburger. The guy was released and fined 500 dollars. We don’t know if at the end he got his meal or not.