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Indoor and Outdoor

As you maybe have already noticed, one line under the description of each strain is dedicated to indoor and outdoor: we would like to explain their meaning so that you can understand them correctly. You always have to keep in mind that there is no miracle recipe to grow a great marijuana and that, by the other side, a good ability to plan can help a lot in reaching outstanding results. So before you start, it is important that you know if the seeds you plant will be the right ones and good for your environment.


These seeds have been selected to grow in an artificial or semi-artificial environment that is often called a grow room. In a grow room you have to reproduce all the elements necessary for the plants to grow: light, soil (or another medium), water, wind, heat, and humidity. In general the indoor strains are more compact in size and they love stable temperatures. For these reasons they can be grown outdoors only where and when the conditions are similar to a grow room, for example a Mediterranean country in the period from April-October.


These seeds can grow successfully outdoors. However, they can be grown in indoor too, but they tend to become bigger than indoor strains. For the best results, it's good to germinate the seeds indoor, let them grow for a few weeks and transplant them only when freezing nights are over (April-May in the Northern Hemisphere). These strains are good for greenhouses too.