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The people involved in the Ministry of Cannabis project have a long and deep relationship with Cannabis. The company founders have each more than 10 years of experience in this field. Our breeders have cooperated or worked for the most famous seedbanks of this industry, and we have production and test rooms in 3 different countries. After many years in the global market, Ministry of Cannabis is a recognised breeder of premium quality marijuana seeds (aka weed seeds or pot seeds).

Our ambition is to offer you the level of excellence that you deserve. Our project always follows two main lines: one is to keep the availability of the classical cannabis strains (i.e. White Widow) in female form. The other is to make available the new strains that each breeder develops during the years. From our effort, we are proud to introduce to the market new strains like Carnival and Zensation.

Since 2008 we have introduced our line of autoflowering seeds, in regular and feminized form. Since january 2009 we sell only feminized seeds. Beyond expanding our seeds range offer,...

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Indica, Sativa, THC

Indica, Sativa and THC are words that you will find everywhere in a cannabis seeds shop. But what ido these words mean? We have created this page with the purpose of informing you about cannabis, so you can select the strain that is 100% satisfying for you. Let's start with order. Indica and Sativa are the names that are mostly related to this plant. Nowadays many of the scientists agree that there is only one kind of cannabis, the Cannabis Sativa L. However, in an important part of the literature and in the common use you can find the classification of cannabis in 3 species: Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis.


An indica plant is usually not too tall (about 1,5 mt max) with the typical shape of a Christmas tree. These plants are originated on high hills or mountain areas (ex. Nepal, North India etc).They are robust and easy to grow. They develop big buds that are really dense, with the calyxes pressed together. They tolerate a low level of stress pretty will. The effect of an indica plant is so called "stoned" or "corporal", with a strong body and mind relaxation. If we compare it with a wine, and Indica is a heavy red selection.


A sativa plant is usually tall (1,5 mt or taller) with short branches. These plants originate in tropical areas (ex. Caribbean, Thailand islands, etc). There are more buds sites than on an indica, but the buds tend to be less dense. The effect of a sativa plant is a so called "cerebral" or "...

Ministry of Cannabis Blog
  • Wants a cannabis bouquets to your wedding party?
     The legalisation of cannabis for recreational purposes have already generated some new ideas for businesses. When the cannabis was legalised for recreational use in january in Colorado, a local florist called Bec Koop have lunched a business that is called Buds and Blossoms, that incorporated cannabis into a normal wedding floral bouquet. Bec recommend different […]
  • Why do you have munchies when you smoke?
     All the people that have tried at least once in their lifetime the cannabis, smoking or ingesting it, they know that after using it you feel a sensation of insatiable hunger. The ultimate proof that this feeling is not a suggestion, is brought to us by searchers of neurological center Magendie of Bordeaux, France. They […]
  • The italian government authorised the army to produce medical marijuana in Florence
     There is a very nice news for all the medical cannabis users in Italy: The government said last week that the Army has been authorized to produce medical marijuana in Florence to be distributed to medical patients. This is huge step ahead for Italy. Till now the Health agencies bought the marijuana from The Netherlands […]
  • Almost ready with 2 new cannabis strains
     We are almost ready to introduce 2 new cannabis strains to our catalog. The first one will be a feminized strain, a super “Haze”. The second one will be a new autoflowering strain, created to add new flavours to our collection. We will start to sell these new strains in about 5 weeks. At the […]
  • Do you like marijuana and sex? Here’s you dream job
     A couple of days ago, The Denver Post’s marijuana news site The Cannabist has posted a curious job description, and we are sure that for most of our visitors and customers is a dream job. On the american newspaper you could read: “Our new freelance columnist will write about sex, relationships, intimacy, gender issues and more […]
  • Back and on track
     just to let you know that we reopened yesterday, and after 2 days of hard work we are back on track, all the orders and requests received during this period has been taken care of. cheers from a (finally) sunny Barcelona.
  • Closure for summer holidays
     We will be closed for summer holiday from 4 july to 25 july included. All the orders and emails received after 12.00 of thursday 3 july will be taken care on monday 28 july. We wish you all a happy green summer.
  • The right strains for this end of the spring
     Many customers and cannabis lovers are writing in these days to ask about what is the right strain to use when you are “getting a little late”, so when you germinate the seeds around june 15th if you are in the northern hemisphere. First choice for all is one or more of our autoflowering strains. […]
  • Spannabis 2014
     We wanna just say thanks to the thousands of persons that visited us during last weekend at the Spannabis 2014. Like every years since over a decade, it was a fantastic long weekend of cannabis, friendship and positive vibrations! We thank in particular Ed Rosenthal, the staff of Hemporium Rome and Natural Technologies Prague for […]